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10 words to meditate with

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

1. wakeup -live in a mindful way, pay attention to the details of your existence for there is the beauty, and the wisdom to find your way. awaken yourself, breathe in the day, be present for yourself and those around you.

2. compassion - first with yourself for you are flawed, as we all are, then for others, for compassion is the gift of empathy and understanding. self compassion brings peace, compassion for others is what brings us together.

3. friendship - nurture your connections with others, build community, family and friendships, to do so can transform your life in every way for the better.

4. fail - for only those who risk failure ever succeed. failure is the essence of learning.

5. embrace - live deeply with the understanding that life is brief and your opportunity to build, improve, create, believe, and today!

6. change -embrace it, understand it, change is the essence of existence... the constant alteration of literally everything in the world is the world. harness change, the momentum of our existence to create a better life, a better world.

7. meditate - take time each day to settle yourself, settle your mind and listen to your body. meditation enables mindfulness and encourages perspective, thus wisdom knocks on the door.

8. give - of yourself, your time, wisdom, humor, humility and experience... those are the things you have of true value and with each gift you shall also receive.

9. abandon - hate, greed, pride, anger, and jealousy for each of those cause you only harm and grief. they serve no purpose but to feed themselves, while eating away our sanctity.

10. accept - not these words or others if they do not ring true in your heart.

wake up for today is your day!

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