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Day 2 the Music Begins

It just gets better, there's many more folks but the grounds are still far from feeling packed. No sign of the mean kids yet and as far as I can see everyone is holding together pretty well.


I started the day out with yoga...which is harder than it looks but definitely needed after a night of dancing.

There are special tents for those that need a respite from the festival, their dosages or any drama or trama they may have encountered.

There's a booth promoting safe dosing. They might prefer you abstain but in the meantime they are happy to give you info on a wide variety of drugs, from shrooms to heroin. As long as your there you can slather on a bit of suntan lotion, pick up some ear plugs and a condom or two, all gratis. Just part of the service. In my opinion, we should have these booths in any place of higher education. Hell, maybe already they do.

Art is everywhere, artists painting away, working on installations, giving lessons and doing arty things. Some have booths, others hang out in the Artclave and still more are spread out like seasoning throughout the festival. Just coming to the LIB makes you feel a little like an artist so I guess it all works. I danced a little and then took a nap...

Time to head back out. Internet is spotty so if you don't see any more posts its probably not because I expired.

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