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Self Acceptance

Updated: May 6, 2019

Self-acceptance is the act of being aware of yourself, your strengths and weaknesses and a feeling of satisfaction as to where and what you are based on those abilities, talents and characteristics. Self acceptance is not a place, its a process and an understanding that life is but a series of changes, things that happen by us, for us and too us. We can set a course but cannot see the weather that is to come. We have a finite ability to alter that course as we go and this is right but we are just one small part of a greater thing that is our community, our world, our time and thus must accept the adventure as it unfolds.

In any case, accepting yourself is taking responsibility for what you are and is the very premise community.

I think of it as crossing a bridge from whom I think I should be to whom I think i am, with the realization that both are just perceptions of my ego.

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