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Special Thanks to our Friends at...


West End Celebration

August 24-25th 2019, Kick-off party August 23rd

Join us for Sand City’s 18th Annual West End

Celebration dedicated to The Arts in all of its forms—visual arts, performing arts, music, and spoken word!

Saturday and Sunday, the streets of Sand City, California, come alive with over 100 artists and artisans: performing arts; visual arts; interactive arts;

art exhibits; and continuous live music on multiple stages. Look for new and exciting attractions, activities and events this year!

A TRUE COMMUNITY EVENT with Free fun for the entire family!


Print Plus

PrintPlus your local source for printing, graphic design, webs design and social media mentoring, since 1995. Visit our satellite office in Pacific Grove, CA at 667 Lighthouse Ave, #7 (Gazebo) or our Carmel Valley Location at . 13770 Center St. #209, Carmel Valley, CA 93924. Call (831) 646-0351 to set up a personal appointment.


Lalla Grill

Experience a fresh, modern dining experience featuring locally-sourced, organic, and house-made fare as delicious as it is unique—the best from California's Central Coast.

Lalla Grill at Del Monte Shopping Center- 1400 Del Monte Ctr Monterey, CA, (831) 324-4632

Lalla Grill in San Jose, CA- 55 River Oaks Place San Jose,  CA, (408) 618-8072


Current Surf Co, Carmel CA

Our mission at Current Surf Co is to unite  young surfers from around the world, creating an open, enthusiastic community that can surf above the rest. We never rest on our laurels, and are always looking to improve and expand our Surfer offerings.


Healing Hands of Carmel Valley

Located in the heart of the Carmel Valley Village .

Owned and operated by Elizabeth Hill a Certified Massage Practitioner with over a decade experience in relaxing, therapeutic, healing massage.

Elizabeth specializes in deep tissue and lymph drainage massage. A perfect companion to chiropractic, acupuncture, herbal and physical therapy.

13770 Center Street, #210, Carmel Valley (Village), 93924 Call for an Appointment or to inquire about events (831) 760-6892


Riddell & Riddell Advertising

Riddell & Riddell is a full service Agency providing cost-effective marketing, advertising, graphics and interior design services for over 30 years.

Riddell & Riddell's extensive list of services extend beyond the traditional Agency portfolio to accommodate the diverse needs of our clientele.

The Agency has earned a reputation for cost-effective marketing plans and innovative advertising campaigns as well as memorable interior designs while building some of the most recognizable and successful businesses in California and beyond.

Riddell & Riddell choose clients carefully, looking for unique inspiration in each business's leadership. Call today for a free consultation (831) 646-0351


California State Parks

Our Mission. To provide for the health, inspiration and education of the people of California by helping to preserve the state's extraordinary biological diversity, protecting its most valued natural and cultural resources, and creating opportunities for high-quality outdoor recreation.


Monterey Bay Design Group

Maximize Your Largest Investment... Your Home!

ADUs (Auxiliary Dwelling Unit), Granny Units, In-Law Flats, Secondary Housing Units, or Garage Conversions... Used to be virtually Impossible to build in most R-1 Single Family Neighborhoods. New California Law(s) makes easier and far more affordable than ever.

For most of us our home represents the single biggest investment we’ll ever make. But until we move out and sell that home, all it does is cost money. However, with the changes to CA Laws homeowners now have the “right” to build rentable ADUs (Auxiliary Dwelling Units) in many R1 Districts (Single Family Neighborhoods) throughout California. If your one of the lucky homeowners its like finding buried treasure in your backyard.

Monterey Bay Design Group has the expertise and team to guide you quickly through the design, permit and build process. We'll help you find the real value of your property and take full advantage of it to create a monthly revenue, year after year and added value when you go to sell your home.

Monterey Bay Design Group 3770 Center Street, #209, Carmel Valley, CA 93924 www.MontereyBay Design Group • Info@MontereyBayDesignGroup (831) 521-1685


Guitars Not Guns

Guitars Not Guns provide guitars and lessons to foster kids, at risk youth and other children in a classroom setting with qualified teachers. Each student is assigned a beginner guitar when they come to the first class. They are allowed to take their guitars home with them and are asked to practice 30 minutes each day.


Blue Moo of Monterey County

Parties, festivals and events Blue Moo offers refreshing treats for your guests. Started by Jackson Jade a young entrepreneur this adds a fun addition to any event.

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